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Avocaderia : World’s First Avocado Bar

Avocado lovers can now pilgrimage to the world’s first avocado bar Avocaderia, a chapel-sized spot devoted to avo-toasts, avo-salads, avo-smoothies and more. Located inside the six million square foot waterfront development known as Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the bar has been making splashes in recent months for it’s niche market and infamous Avoburger. I went to see what all the excitement was about.

It was a Saturday afternoon and to my surprise a line snaked outside Avocaderia’s front door and into the expansive communal dining area. It’s a small but well utilized space decorated with tons of leafy plants and cacti (I hate the word cacti).  However, I love a good neon sign and like a moth to light it was the first thing that caught my attention despite it being partially hidden by tons of foliage. It read “Smashed In NYC” ; a foreshadowing of the fate these avocados are soon to face.

I placed my order and watched as several “bartenders” assembled toasts with speed and ease. The 6 to 7 ingredients in each toast provide flavors complex enough to justify their $7 to $12 price tag. Arugula, beets, and radish are elements present in much of the menu and while there are many great iterations of avocado here, none pay greater homage to the humble fruit than the Avoburger. It’s legit a whole avocado, cut in half and layered with herbed yogurt, smoked salmon , arugula , watermelon radish, black sesame seeds then drizzled with a lime citronette. Practical? Hell no. There was some difficulty in eating it like a regular burger but what it lacks in feasibility it makes up for in being so damn beautiful. Full disclosure it was A LOT of avocado for someone like myself who prefers it well-seasoned in guacamole or underneath a flame broiled burger.

Check out the menu at the bottom of this post — see anything you’d order?!


Industry City Food Hall, 254 36th St – Brooklyn, NY

Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

Weekends 11am to 5pm


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