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Can you stare death in the face and live to talk about it? Allison Futtner, a young female funeral director from Connecticut, not only stares at death every day, she makes it look pretty. Death is so difficult for many, that I was intrigued about the decisions that lead a confident woman to the industry of helping others with it. Allison sheds some light on her experiences, advantages, and the difficulties of her job below.

The fact that Allison was born on Halloween is just another reason I think her life should be written into a YA novel. Irony I love you.


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Avocaderia : World’s First Avocado Bar

Avocado lovers can now pilgrimage to the world’s first avocado bar Avocaderia, a chapel-sized spot devoted to avo-toasts, avo-salads, avo-smoothies and more. Located inside the six million square foot waterfront development known as Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the bar has been making splashes in recent months for it’s niche market and infamous Avoburger. I went to see what all the excitement was about.

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Hold the Sprinkles – The Sushi Donut Has Plenty Of Toppings

I like when creative people play with their food. We all need more beautiful shit to eat on a regular basis because when you eat pretty, you feel pretty. And Pokee is doing so with the visually stunning sushi donut. You won’t find it advertised on their regular menu but rather as a “secret item” ordered towards the back of the West 3rd Street restaurant. Well, the secret’s out and flocks of people including myself had to see what the fuss was about.

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It’s really hard not to get enchanted by the charm and charisma of small European villages and the medieval fortified town of Óbidos in Portugal is no exception. It is known as the ” Town of Queens” because kings would offer it to their wives as a marriage gift. Smooth move if you ask me – no lady’s gonna turn down winding cobblestone alleys , whitewashed houses bordered in yellow and blue, and a cute motherf*cking windmill.

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